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Our standard package provides you with all essential functions for your event registration. Select additional features like Group/Team Registrations, create your own Registration Codes or add your Merchandise Products to generate additional revenue.

Reg Fee @ SGD 0.45 per pax

or a min. of SGD 2,000

incl. Hosting, Setup and Technical Support

We integrate your own Payment Gateway.

No additional cost.

All Registration Fees go straight into your account.



You don't have your own Payment Gateway?

No Problem. We can manage your Registration Fees.

Transaction Fees @ 2.8% (or a minimum of SGD 1.20)

Handling Fee @ SGD 0.45 per Transaction

For more details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.



Our runTiXX RPC Module caters for all common collection setups. Pre-allocate your bib numbers or assign them on the spot. Optionally you can print a collection slip with our runTiXX receipt printers.

Package Price @ SGD 0.40 per Registration

or a minimum of SGD 1,500

Find out more about our Hardware and Tech Support packages here.



runTiXX shows the race results in your event design and offers your participants to download their eCert.

Package Price @ SGD 0.20 per Registration

or a minimum of SGD 1,500



The runTiXX VMS module allows you to manage your volunteers with ease.

Contact us for a customized package

incl. Hosting, Setup and Technical Support



Will will print your Running Bibs on the Spot.

Coming soon!

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